In Spirit There Was I

How did it make me feel,
When the trees were splashed with sunlight,
And I saw people walking along the trail,
All within my sight?
Me, behind a window watching,
Unable to join them on their hike,
Wishing I still had my youth and strength,
And all the things I like,
But in that brief glimpse of human glory,
My spirit raced up high,
While in my fragile form I was left behind,
In spirit there was I.

2 thoughts on “In Spirit There Was I

  1. Love your poem. I could never get the hang of it al my life. So I stuck with my old standby of writting short stories. Good luck and keep jotting those poems down whenever the mood hits, except of course when you’re driving.
    Theme was fasinating. Not very often do we find some poems that reminds of our fragile life. Lost my beloved cat in February to cancer. It almost destroyed me. He was so love itself in a orange furry ball.

    1. Life is fragile and sometimes short. Part of life is learning to love and let go of the people and animals that surround us. I still have much to learn. I’m sorry about your cat. He was one of your loved ones.

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