Thursday, August 12, at 8 a.m. I had eaten breakfast and was feeling great. My Parkinson’s was under control, my two new knees were needing exercise, and it was a brand new day to be optimistic. Unfortunately at 9 a.m. a knot suddenly developed in my solar plexus. It burned and continued to tighten. I debated whether to drive to the doctor or to the emergency room of the hospital. At 10 the pain had increased and I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to drive. At this point I had forgotten that I should be writing down everything, yet it wouldn’t have made much of a difference. My mind was focused on techniques to relieve pain and I could not have concentrated on anything else. At 11:00 a.m. I called my wife at work and told her what was happening. I told her I was trying to decide on going with a friend to the hospital or calling 911 and going by ambulance.
My wife called her sister-in-law who was just coming home from work and asked her to drive me. I was rushed to the hospital but waited most of the afternoon and evening before getting a room. Several trauma victims had arrived and my progress was slowed until their needs were met. Late that night I was assigned to my room. I was hydrated, connected to ivs, and told to rest. At 6 a.m. sonograms were done and I was told the results would be coming shortly. Later I was told my enzyme level was high and I had a slight temperature. I had to wait until my body was stabilized again before a decision would be made.
The following day my enzyme level had dropped and my temperature was normal. The surgeon returned and told me a gall stone had blocked one of the tubes. In my gall bladder several more waited and if they blocked my pancreas I could have major problems. He recommended gall bladder removal. I okayed the operation for the following day. On Sunday, 8 a.m. my gall bladder was removed and I was sent to my room to recover. On Tuesday, 6 p.m. I went home. I’m tired but in good spirits. I’m able to get around well but I know to take it easy.

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