“Every Day is a Bonus Day!”

Yesterday was a day of rest, sort of. I arrived home from the hospital Tuesday night and slept soundly. Wednesday morning I answered emails, wrote in my blog, wrote my dailly journal, created two candygrams for two boys who cared for my dog while I was hospitalized, received and entertained visitors who dropped by to cheer me up. I showed them my daughter’s beautiful watercolors hanging about my house (about 60 pieces and growing), brought puzzles for them to solve, had lunch, bid them adieu, read several chapters in two books, walked the dog twice, wrote again (poetry this time), wrote a couple of tweets, wrote in Facebook, answered phone calls, and took a nap. Since yesterday was my slack day, today I’ve got to run errands, write, write, write, and find ways to let God’s energy flow through me in a positive way. Yep, I still have pain from both knees and from my recent gall bladder surgery, but I don’t have time to wallow in it or acknowledge it. If it doesn’t reach up and grab me I’ll work through it and around it. “Thank God I’m Alive!” , “Every day is a bonus day!”, and “Every Day Above Ground is a Good Day!” are frequent sayings of mine. “This is a day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” And so my day goes. So little time and so many things to accomplish.

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