Words, Words, Words

Words, Words, Words
Words often fail me,
Not always telling what I see,
Or showing all the things I strived to be,
Words encouraging me to reach higher,
Lifting me out of trouble’s fire,
Showing me to what I could aspire,
Words singing a new song,
Helping me to become strong,
Correcting what had gone wrong,
Words idly spinning can be untrue,
Undoing bonds between me and you,
Changing the past and future too,
Words taking breaths of my air,
When speaking recklessly without care,
Poison darts that hurt and snare,
Or words may be healing balm,
Easing the storm with the calm,
Or touching the soul with a psalm,
Yet whatever the words may be,
They’re telling the world all about me,
Showing where I’ve been and my destiny,
Words used to communicate,
Binding us together as I relate,
Bringing love instead of hate,
Words, with my stories delicately weave,
Singing my life’s song as I leave,
Telling friends to rejoice instead of grieve,
Words filling my limited years,
With laughter, love, or even tears,
Falling softly upon listening ears,
Words I’m sharing with each dear friend,
Words more than I can comprehend,
Words, sweet healing words I’ll pen,
Words, I hope they never end.

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