Angels in My Room

A halo surrounded her raven hair,
As she neared my hospital bed,
She checked my vitals on a machine,
She smiled and cheerily said,
“How are you feeling today?”
“Are you having any pain?”
“Just push the button by your side,”
“If it’s bliss you want to obtain.”
“You’re an angel,” I murmured to myself,
“You meet my every need.”
And then I closed my eyes and slept,
Dreaming peaceful thoughts indeed.
She woke me up to check my pulse,
Her fingers deftly held my wrist,
“Relax and let me do my job,”
She gave me no chance to resist.
“You’re one lucky man,” she smiled,
“You seem to be recovering fast.”
Her comment was music to my ears,
My hopes had been surpassed.
I struggled to stand beside the bed,
Ready to walk the hall,
“Not yet, sir,” she said with concerned look,
“Let someone help. Call, don’t fall.”
She tucked me in one more time,
And quickly stepped out the door,
Just as housekeeping services began their tasks,
Of cleaning everything, including the floor.
I never saw that nurse again,
I wasn’t on her shift,
But other nurses appeared and left,
And each was polite and swift.
Compassion was evident in each nurse’s voice,
As they cared for me,
And I healed and loved each one,
If only temporarily,
“You cared for me when I was hurt,”
I commented upon my release,
“Now I’m ready to resume my life,”
“I’m sure my troubles will cease.”
My hospital room was a great place,
A home away from home,
But it’s not a place I choose to be,
If I have time to roam,
And the nurses I met,
I’ll remember until the end,
“They’re angels,” I’m quick to say,
“They treated me like a friend.”

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