When Clouds Roar

When Clouds Roar
Silver lined the darkening clouds,
As they tumbled across the sky,
The shapes of animals, ships, and men,
Were changing, even as they passed me by.
Content I lay on green, green grass,
Admiring my own private show,
As long as the clouds continued to roll,
I knew I couldn’t go.
The clouds united, shutting off the sun,
Towering high in a threatening stance,
It marched forth at a determined pace,
I left my post with many a backward glance.
The storm flashed its new found eyes,
It growled its displeasure oft at me,
As it flexed and grew in size,
It reached the earth as far as I could see.
It formed a wall of rain and hail,
As it swept across the land,
In its turmoil the storm began to spin,
A wisp appeared, no bigger than a hand.
An eerie quiet surprised me,
As I watched a funnel cloud grow,
And then it grabbed the earth,
I knew it was time to go.
Tossing everything in its chosen path,
Winds scoured the frightened earth,
By now the storm had taken an evil turn,
The storm had given birth.
A twister snaked across the plain,
Roaring with mighty power,
Those in front of this awesome wind,
Looked for a place to cower.
With deadly aim a town it took,
As it gobbled all in its way,
And then the storm pulled the funnel up,
Enough for this one day.
Its anger gone, the storm fell apart,
The sun smiled once more,
Wisps of white played hide and seek,
And birds began to soar.
“Beautiful is the sky,” I thought,
As clouds danced to an encore,
“But I know it’s time to duck and run,
When clouds begin to roar.”

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