The Teacher

The Teacher
She welcomed us into the room,
Calling out our names one by one,
We filed in, found our desks,
And listened until she was done.
One friend was here, another there,
I waved at each one in turn,
But before we could engage in talk,
She looked at us with concern.
“Take heed, my wonderful class,
I’ve got big plans for you this year.
I’ve set some goals I know you’ll reach,
We’re off to a new frontier.”
Her eyes swept across the room,
Questioning us without a word,
I knew we were being challenged,
To work harder, I thought was absurd.
“Each of you will discover a rich new world,
You’ll score better on every test,
If you’re present each and every day,
And try always to do your best.”
My learning improved and I felt good,
The year flew by in a maddening rush,
I began to study for other classes,
And miraculously, no one had to push.
To this day I really don’t know,
If my teacher was as good as she could be,
All I know is that I graduated cum laude,
And she was my fondest memory.

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