Notes of My Life’s Song

Notes of My Life’s Song
Each day notes of my life’s song,
Make sweet memories,
Spreading warmth and sparkling glitter,
While other notes might be sweetly bitter,
Glad was I to have touched a chord,
Stirred and strummed across a heart,
Which gave my song an electric start,
Part of my song is gone and lost forever,
Notes and tunes carried by the wind,
Encouraging me and letting me mend,
The drama of relationships that could never be,
The rests before a bright love trills,
The sounds of music upon a thousand hills,
I cry when I sing parts of my song,
But mostly I laugh and smile,
For my song has carried me awhile,
Life is short but I’m singing strong,
Perhaps I’ll find you and your song,
Two hearts singing together,
Blending the right notes in harmony,
Making a tune to remember.

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