Quick Sale

Quick Sale pg. 1
The world was simply too crowded. Everybody was well aware of that fact. It was just information tucked away in Jasper’s memory, not to be discussed in polite society. Families were limited by law to one child and any subsequent child drew heavy fines and the child was put up for adoption. There were no exceptions. If any other children were born to the offending parents, the parents would be incarcerated and sterilized for violation of the rights of others.
It was also a time when salesmen were becoming obsolete and a salesroom drew fewer and fewer customers each year. Jasper looked over his sales record. Only one pc, a robot which functioned as a personal companion, had been sold the previous month. Sales had been extremely slow due to a sluggish economy and the future was grim. Jasper was ready to try desperate measures to make a sale, any sale.
He paced back and forth, studying the long rows of pc’s intently. Pulling his hands from his pockets he nervously shook the ring of plastic cards that unlocked each personal companion. They were ready. Jasper had already inspected and tested each pc for alertness, courtesy, and obedience. The pc’s watched him intently as he fumbled with the cards. But turned away from the pc’s and returned the cards to his pocket. Time was going by so slowly. Only a few minutes had gone by since the last inspection.
He rubbed the stubble that was beginning to bristle from the top of his once shiny head. Hair for men had been out of style for years. He felt conspicuous because his hair was almost noticeable. He thought about leaving for awhile to get his head shaved but that was simply out of the question. What if a customer came in? That might be his only chance to make a sale. He would not jeopardize any opportunity.
While he waited he pulled a small wand from his frayed pocket and carefully began to check each pc for any evidence of dust. The softly glowing light revealed no impurities or anything unusual. He was expecting everything to be perfect but he had to keep busy and look busy, just to satisfy himself.
He heard a small sound and turned just as a brown opaque glass door swung upward and a pale woman with delicate hands and long flowing brown hair stepped lightly into the room. She studied the personal companions with practiced eye. She noted the price tags which were indelibly stamped on each forehead. Jasper waited a few seconds, letting her examine the pc’s. He took a deep breath, licked his dry lips, and confidently sauntered up to her.
(to be continued)

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