Quick Sale Pg.2

Quick Sale page 2
“What kind of companion do you need? We have the newest models here.” Jason patted the nearest pc affectionately. “This muscular model can do just about everything and he has a very reasonable price. If you just sign these papers you can take him with you today.”
Her blue eyes narrowed. “I haven’t really had time to look around. He’s not what I had in mind.”
“Oh! Then that beauty over there might be what you want. She’s very special.”
As he talked he studied the customer, trying to anticipate her needs. Almost subconsciously he noted her attire. Her clothes were of the finest metal and paper weaves, soft and supple, yet durable. Her translucent shoes were of the finest spun glass and he could see that her toes were well manicured and finely decorated. On her wrist was an expensive bracelet with the name Daira Warton inscribed. Her entire appearance betrayed wealth. Quickly he said, “Daira, would you like to open an account with us? We can have your identification checked in a few seconds. It’s a very simple process. All you have to do is fill in this short form and sign on the dotted line.”
He pushed his pen toward her but she backed away. “No, I’d better wait. Tomorrow I’ll look once more. I don’t see what I want anyway.”
Hunger pains were gnawing at his insides. Dinner was tempting but first he had to make this sale. Otherwise he might go hungry for a long time. Advancing to a different personal companion farther down the line he stopped and said, “Perhaps this pc is more to your liking, Daira. These newer companions are almost human. They have many human qualities. Feel this skin. Look into her eyes. She can eat and drink. She can learn what you want her to do and follow directions. She could anticipate your every need.”
The personal touch almost always worked. She hesitated and he thought she was weakening. She shook her head slowly and glanced about the room. “No, I don’t see what I want. But I’ll look once more just to be sure.”
(to be continued)

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