The School

The School
It was not the joyful cries that echoed in the halls,
Nor the memories captured within the walls,
It was not the holidays projected for the year,
Nor the kids that made teachers grin ear to ear,
Instead it was friendships shared, games played,
Books read, goodies gulped, patience displayed,
It was history and science, all the roads traveled,
Verbs conjugated, stories written, oxymorons unraveled,
Finding denominators, equations graphed, quadratics solved,
Trying to keep students focused and involved,
Understanding, adapting to, and saving the earth,
Laughter to help relieve the stress, much needed mirth,
A staff, but also a family, with many arms to catch or lift,
Those with broken hearts, angry, or who felt adrift,
Leadership and support, firm but flexible, too,
To handle the complexities of problems that ensued,
Students learned in buildings made of brick and stone,
But education received was from blood and bone,
Perspiration and inspiration was the quest,
As the staff challenged and gave its best,
Communication from home and back again,
Stirred students to stretch their weary brains,
But scores and dreams were steadily met,
As all worked together to reach goals that were set.

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