I Cannot Sit Waiting

I Cannot Sit Waiting
“Every day above ground is a good day,”
I say to myself when I see the sun rise,
“I wonder what will come my way,”
“I’m waiting for a big surprise.”
Now I should be having the time of my life,
Retired in comfort and dignity,
Instead of facing uncertainty and strife,
With a dark future ahead of me.
My attitude must change if I’m to cope,
With a world that is increasingly young,
And use my compassion to ignite hope,
And with action get things sprung.
I cannot sit waiting for my reward,
To live out a dying dream,
I must strike a responsive chord,
With others and become a team.
I may not live to see the day,
When the future is rosy to all,
So I’ll help those who come my way,
Until I hear the final roll call.

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