Breaking the Shackles

Breaking the Shackles
“How could you do this to me?”
I’ve heard this over and over,
I don’t need to own your problem
It took me awhile to discover,
I never wanted you to hurt,
It breaks my heart that you do,
But there are limits to what I give,
And nothing I want to undo,
I made my choice and you made yours,
Our boundaries have been set,
I want you to know I do all in love,
Though you say your needs aren’t met,
There are some things I’ll do for me,
Because I need a chance to grow,
We’ll find other ways to relate,
And the shackles we’ll let go,
This is a war that I’ll fight within,
I want to gain control of my life,
If we agree we might reconcile,
And put an end to this ugly strife,
I want my heart to be wise and strong,
Learning to love and freely forgive,
The lessons I learn my whole lifelong,
Perhaps I won’t need to relive.

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