A Neighborhood United

A Neighborhood United
In the early morning when I take my walk,
The neighborhood comes alive,
A miniature world within my block,
Humming like bees in a hive.
Biscuits are baking and almost done,
I sniff as I pass the baker’s house,
“I could whine and beg for one,”
But I think I would look like a louse,
One of my neighbors is backing his car,
Careful as he goes through the gate,
He’s ambitious and should go far,
He works long hours and is never late,
The voices of four drift out their door,
A single mother readies her brood,
“Do your best and I won’t ask for more,”
“I want to stay in a good mood.”
I stretch and breathe in cold crisp air,
As I pause at the top of the hill,
Children are waiting at the bus stop there,
But not of their own free will.
I begin again and quicken my sluggish pace,
I walk two miles before my exercise is complete,
Enjoying my neighborhood’s living space,
I take everything in but always I’m discreet.
This morning I discovered all is well,
My neighbors are all safe and sound,
We’ve not fallen under some evil spell,
We have blessings all around.
On this block we walk the miles,
A community of kinfolk and friends,
We take the time to speak with smiles,
And our loyalty never ends.

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