Quick Sale (Page 3)

Quick Sale (Page 3)
A young couple with a child in tow entered the store. Daira paid no attention to them as she walked between the rows of pc’s. She was still searching for something but Jasper had no idea what it was. He watched the young couple carefully. By their actions he knew something was wrong. Jasper wanted to assist them but his attention was already committed to Daira.
Jasper saw the child slip between the personal companions and skip down the aisle. His parents appeared to be worried and it was evident they were trying to avoid Jasper and Daira. The man hissed something to his wife and motioned frantically at the child. The child stopped playing and reluctantly joined his parents. Jasper was both amused and puzzled. Why were the parents so concerned? Jasper nonchalantly walked towards the couple. As he got closer he could tell that the woman carried something under her coat. His suspicions were aroused when he heard a weak, muffled cry.
Jasper peered over the woman’s shoulder and saw a baby wrapped in a light blanket. The woman looked up and gasped, “Don’t turn us in.” The man took a step forward and said, “We don’t mean any harm. The law is unjust. Our baby is special.”
Jasper didn’t want any additional trouble. There were enough problems just getting sales. He shook a finger at the couple and warned, “Don’t leave the store. This could be a major catastrophe for all of us. I need to think about it.” He frowned and walked away, leaving the couple alone but well within his sight.
The young woman placed the baby behind one of the companions in the first row and followed the young man. When they were a few aisles away their voices became animated and louder. Jasper heard the man say, “I told you the baby should not go anywhere with us. We’ll be reported. Now what can we do? The two of us can’t keep up with our boy and the baby. The baby just complicates things.”
While they discussed their predicament Jason kept an eye on the boy. He didn’t want the boy hurt or one of the personal companions damaged. But Jasper was really curious about the baby. He didn’t know of anyone who dared keep a second child. It was illegal and dangerous.
Jasper decided to ignore the boy because the situation with the baby was definitely more serious.. He hurried to the front row and peered down at the bundle. He stared as the baby kicked against the blanket. While Jasper stood transfixed, Daira Warton dashed by him and stopped.
“I just knew you’d have one here. The baby looks so real. Name the price.”
(To be Continued)

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