Sad Tale of Pick up Lines

Sad Tale of Pickup Lines
He said, “Hello, don’t I know you?
Haven’t I seen you in here before?
I noticed you immediately,
When you walked through the door.”
She said, “No, I don’t think we’ve met,
I would have remembered if we had,
You’ve got much to learn about pickup lines,
Yours are much worse than bad.”
He said, “I’m just a first time beginner,
I didn’t know what to say,
If you would teach me how to talk,
It would really make my day.”
She said, “I’m looking for a real dear friend,
He said he’d be waiting here for me,
So I think, son, you’re out of luck,
And I’m as sad as I can be.”
He said, “While you’re waiting for him to show,
I’ll tell you what I think,
Bartender, please help me out,
Give this lovely lady a drink.”
She said, “You’ll have to leave when he shows up,
That’s all that I can say,
He’s more than the jealous type,
And there’ll be hell to pay.”
He said, “This is the first time I’ve been in this town,
Bartender, please give us number two,
I need someone to show me around,
Alone I don’t know what to do.”
She said, “I don’t understand why he’s so late,
He hasn’t done this before,
I shouldn’t have had that third drink,
And surely not number four.”
He said, “Would you like to eat somewhere?
I’d like to spend some time,
You’re like one of my childhood chums,
That I’ve known my whole lifetime.”
She said, “I think it’s coffee that I need,
I want to clear my head,
Then perhaps we could sit and talk,
Or cuddle for awhile instead.”
He said, “Ma’am, that’s fine with me,
If that’s really what you want,
It’s been really tough to just sit here,
And try to act nonchalant.”
She said, “Let’s go to my apartment for a drink,
It’s not far down this street,
It’ll be a lot cozier than this place,
And definitely a lot more discreet.”
He said, “There are a lot of stairs I had to climb,
I didn’t know it was on the fourth floor,
Now you’re having trouble finding your key,
Who could ask for more?”
She said, “Well, hello big brother, and my uncles, too,
Meet my sweetheart, what’s his name,
He wants right now to marry me,
I’m so glad you came.”
He said, “I don’t think I said that,
But yes, I could change my mind,
She’s definitely someone I want,
So the guns you can put behind.”

He married quickly that very day,
He could barely find his voice,
He’s been married for five long years,
He claimed it was his choice,
That’s the truth of a sad man’s tale,
His bachelorhood was put to test,
He tried out his pickup lines,
And well, you know the rest.
There are some things you can try,
Before you jump in the water,
But don’t get in above your head,
With a gangster’s daughter.

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