I Get What I Expect

I Get What I Expect
Every day is not the same,
Some days I deem as good,
The sun comes up and goes down,
Just like I knew it would,
And lest I suddenly forget,
Some days I think are better,
There’s nothing to hold me back,
No ropes, no chains, no fetter,
Then there are the special days,
When I yell, “It’s the best day ever!”
Everything in a fantastic day like that,
Makes me want it to go on forever,
So if someone tells me about their day,
Claiming that now their life is wrecked,
I simply say, “My days are always good.
I get what I expect.”

2 thoughts on “I Get What I Expect

  1. ‘Poetsenvy’. That is so very true of your blog posts. I have subscribed to your blog posts and am throughly enjoying them. Keep sharing your thoughts.

    In anticipation of much better days of ‘posting’,
    Vinay Chaganti

    1. I start the day counting all the things that are going right. Even things, like pain, are counted on the positive side because pain reminds me that I am alive. I am truly blessed by friends like you who share the beauty of life.
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you are enjoying my posts. You’re welcome to visit anytime.

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