It’s Time to Change the World

It’s Time to Change the World
It’s the perfect time to seek out the good,
And keep the bad at bay,
Let’s learn to enjoy the simple pleasures,
That we encounter throughout the day,
It’s time to show we care for others,
Who have had their share of pain,
And try to alter their perception,
That the world shows its distain,
I know I am not the only one,
Who’s ready to change the tide,
By sending hope of love and peace,
To hurting people worldwide,
We can reach beyond our comfort zones,
To lend a helping hand,
For words alone without the deeds,
Are difficult to understand,
We’ll invest our hearts in future times,
And fight for what is right,
We’ll enjoy each day as it comes,
And kindred hearts we’ll incite,
Our resources and love we’ll extend,
To touch those who are in need,
By reaching out beyond ourselves,
We’ll be blessed indeed.

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