It’s Not About Me

It’s Not About Me
It’s not about what I’ve done,
It’s about my growth,
It’s not about the arrows I’ve shot,
But whether I had a target,
And where my arrows fell,
It’s not that I floundered in the dark,
But that I turned toward the light,
And continued on that path,
It’s not that I always sought beauty,
But that I was aware of the world,
And let my heart touch others,
And let my version of truth,
Challenge the messages of hate,
It’s not about whether I’ve completed the journey,
But whether I took some steps,
To relate with others as I traveled,
And whether I thought my life,
Was really all about me,
It’s not about the things left undone,
For there was much to do,
But that I have been here,
And tried to make a difference,
Taking the garden I have been given,
And filling it with flowers,
Blessing others with a challenge,
Of taking a vision of what could be,
To bring fulfillment and peace,
To a tired,hurting world.

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