Making Love Last Forever

Making Love Last Forever
Sometimes a life changing decision,
I should not frivolous make,
Within myself in the quiet honest moments,
Should I the briefest moment take,
To dare question what was so right,
When I fell head over heels?
Did I choose wisely or was I blinded by the night?
When my heart raced and led me to vow,
I Do, and I will love you forever,
Was she the wrong person then or now?
Is there hope for a lasting romance,
And to grow old together?
Is it fantasy or just chance?
In the movies doesn’t love stick?
But then I remind myself that in Sleepless,
Didn’t the woman have a relationship,
That didn’t quite click?
And Bridges of Madison County,
Didn’t the woman make her stand,
But over the years yearned,
For her other lover man?
I want to remain always in love,
And let my love thrive,
But what can I do,
To keep the embers alive?
Would I have success,
With a soul mate who’s the perfect catch?
What can I do to make things work,
To make myself the perfect match?
I could focus on the positive,
Loving her without change,
I could work to be the right person,
Find things about me to rearrange,
I could be a loving considerate person,
Instead of looking for love in wrong places,
I could work to be close,
Accepting all that life embraces,
Taking her not as a project,
I could commit myself to making things work,
And see my sweetheart as a special person,
Not as someone who drives me berserk,
But someone I chose to be my partner, forever.
Is that so very wrong?
Or is committed lasting love,
Only for movies and for song?
Where one moment in time,
Has love on display,
Never aging or maturing,
From then until today,
Or can love’s beautiful flower,
Continue to grow and change,
Letting me feel its awesome power?
I will change much over time,
And I’ll try this secret trick,
By saying I will and keeping my word,
I know my love will stick.

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