Entrepreneurs and the Internet

Entrepreneurs with nerves of steel,
Have long looked for opportunities with zeal,
Now businesses and brands exist online,
Growing rapidly in new designs,
In a virtual world that mirrors the real.

Entrepreneurs reach for this large prize,
A place where the aggressive and wise,
Markets where the retail sales,
Boom while the real world fails,
And kingdoms are built of enormous size.

Entrepreneurs start by following their itch,
Looking for ways to get famous or to get rich,
Doing research galore on ways to transact,
Communication, sales and one small fact,
The way to success is through the first niche.

It’s a location for entrepreneurs to sharpen their tools,
It’s a home for the creative to break the rules,
A place for consumers for discount sales,
A place for the wealthy and luxury retail,
An online spot to separate money from fools.

Entrepreneurs have the internet to work and to play,
Changing this nation’s history along the way,
Stores made of mere bricks and stone,
Are feeling the grip of the vast unknown,
While the internet’s businesses are here to stay.

4 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs and the Internet

    1. Some of my posts are labored while others are labors of love. If I were a baseball player and got two outs and one hit out of every three I’d be successful. I’m happy with the one hit. The other two just show me that perspiration also needs inspiration and practice.

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