Fighting to Love Forever

Desire is stirring, longing is calling,
Opportunities for love are rife,
Romance is waiting at every bend,
To share in this adventure called life,

Everyone is looking for romantic love,
Hold this thought close to your heart,
For once found, love turns you around,
But to love someone forever is an art,

If love brings out the beauty of your soul,
Perhaps your dreams will come true,
But life is earnest and full of needs,
A love story has to be continually renewed,

It is not enough just to free your heart,
Your heart has to stand up tall,
To love another takes commitment for life,
Not part, not some, but your all,

You can live in a love story if you choose,
A place where ardor shines through,
Where love and respect is openly shared,
And truth is heard from both points of view,

For to love someone forevermore,
You must constantly warm to the task,
The circle of love is not a game,
And egos you must constantly unmask,

Relationships are hard I’ve heard people say,
Yet I know the loneliest feeling is one,
You can’t hold back and make love work,
Because each day the battle is won.

3 thoughts on “Fighting to Love Forever

    1. If I had written this long ago to myself, my life would have been vastly different. Maybe I’m getting wiser.
      Thanks for your comment.

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