Somebody Wins (But I Lose)

It matters not which party holds,
My finances in its hands,
My money will simply go away,
Taken by our country’s demands.

Invest in real estate I was told,
A solid world that will never shake,
But foreclosure crashed on my home frontier,
And I’m told, “That was a big mistake.”

Invest in stocks, our market is strong,
“The Bull will beat the Bear”,
Yet while foreign wars still go on,
It’s recession or depression I hear.

Perhaps medical costs will all be paid,
And I’ll have Medicare for my golden age,
Is now the time to politely ask,
“Isn’t that still coming out of my wage?”

My house is gone, my future looks dim,
One party always comes out on top,
Another year, more money gone,
Will the bleeding never stop?

Don’t count me out til my dying day,
And the winning party is renown,
My country will own the rest of me,
But I’ll be six feet down.

3 thoughts on “Somebody Wins (But I Lose)

      1. Poems are perhaps the reflection of moods. However, a good poem can change the mood too. I am expecting richer life when you revisit the topic. And I know, ‘If you could, You would’ 🙂

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