Not Then, But Now

The richness of my understanding,
The importance of feelings,
Arrived too late,
I wanted to keep open my heart’s gate,
But I could not,
I knew how to be fair,
For justice without fairness is simply air,
It was not fair for her to wait for me,
I was too busy discovering the world,
And another girl,
She gave me her heart, wrapped in love,
Willing to sacrifice everything for me,
But my heart was ice,
And I said, “Go. Your love doesn’t suffice.”
Later I found I needed to be valued and noticed,
I found I wasn’t better off alone,
Oh, if I had only known,
That she was the person I was searching for,
I could not give and she wanted more,
I’m ready now to give it my best,
Able to receive messages to my heart,
Knowing what is real and what is smart,
Leaving my self-centered core behind,
Searching for the one I need,
I’m ready with words and deeds.

2 thoughts on “Not Then, But Now

    1. Men and women are from two different planets. It’s magic when the two planets are in alignment, but as in my poem sometimes they’re really far apart.

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