Quick Sale (page 5)

Quick Sale (Page 5)
The couple huddled together, whispering excitedly. Then there was silence. The man stepped forward. “Are you sure the woman will take care of our baby?”
Jasper scratched his head thoughtfully. “I’m sure of it. She had the very best of credentials. I looked up her name and she showed up as having a five star rating. She has the financial ability to properly care for your child. She also seemed to be of sound moral character. I think she is an excellent choice. I don’t think you could have gotten anyone any better. However, if you want me to call her back in, I will.”
The man shook his head and looked at his wife. Although she had been crying, she lifted her head and said softly, “No. It’s for the best.”
Jasper led them down the aisles, looking over the older personal companions. Finally he showed them one of the newer pc’s. Shortly they were on their way, both smiling broadly while the personal companion followed behind, clutching their son’s hand.
Jasper couldn’t help but grin as they left. Not only had he made a big sale and averted the disaster of jail, but he also would have a tidy sum of cash. He left for lunch whistling a tune from his childhood. After dinner he shaved, bathed, and bought a new set of clothes. He felt and looked like a new man, a successful man.
In the weeks and months that followed there was one opportunity after another. His new appearance and confidence brought more customers. With his sales zooming Jasper’s boss took notice. He was not just “the salesman” anymore. Now he was called “J.G.” He was offered a chance to buy stock in the company. Jasper had always lived frugally and now he invested his extra money. It doubled and continued to grow and multiply. His sound investments did not go unnoticed. He was promoted to management and finally with the help of the company’s two senior advisors he became CEO.

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