Quick Sale (page 8)

Quick Sale (Page 8)
Jonquil looked around at the others. “Anybody have any objections?” No one wanted a long trial, or even a short one. This was a bad precedent. No one wanted to cause any friction between humans and personal companions. There were already incidents that were judicially tricky. Personal companions were already discussing rights and freedom.
Both lawyers nodded in agreement. Daira hesitated and then said, “I agree. Let’s get this settled.”
Jonquil looked once more at Jasper. “Your judgment will be swift and simple. Your company will pay Daira Warton for any damages inflicted upon her house. She will also receive compensation for damages to her mental well being. And as for you personally, ——–.”
Jasper did not hear anything else. His memory was being erased. Back through time he progressed. He was not the CEO anymore. He was not part of the management. Others were already being promoted and shifted to fill his position.
He had no memory of what had been. He was simply a salesman again. Now as he waited beside the long rows of personal companions he rattled the keys which unlocked each pc from the stands. “Perhaps tomorrow I’ll be lucky and make a sale,” he thought. “It has been a long time since a real customer came in. If I don’t make a sale today I might lose my job.”
Two people watched him from an overhead monitor. They watched him pacing the floor, studying the pc’s, and glancing at the door.
“He’s one of our better models,” one of the watchers murmured. “He’s so real and like a human he makes mistakes. You can hardly tell he’s one of them.”
(The end)

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