Heart to Heart and Hand in Hand

I don’t think it pays to wish,
For what could have been,
That is why I now take you,
Gently by the hand,
Leading you to a place where,
Hearts always hope to go,
Beyond the plain and the ordinary,
On to a new plateau,
Trailing soft kisses of fire,
Across your throat and cheek,
Feverishly whispering words of love,
Seeking passion’s peak,
And the warmth within will spread,
Beyond all that was before,
Until we lie gasping and panting,
Before passion’s door,
Then slowly but surely,
Urge each other to a higher bliss,
In love’s afterglow pledge our troth,
And seal it with a kiss,
We’ll never look back,
At what could have been,
We’ll face our future together,
Heart to heart and hand in hand.

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