I’ll Listen

I’ll Listen
You may believe that,
I don’t hear what you say,
If I don’t always answer,
In a sufficient way,
I may be thinking of a solution,
To a question you posed,
While you just want me to listen,
And I think I supposed,
That I was being helpful,
From this moment on,
I’ll show my love for you,
By listening to your tale,
That’s what I will do,
I won’t interrupt even once,
Listening as you make a story long,
I won’t attempt to give advice,
Because I know it’ll be wrong,
I’ll nod or listen actively,
As you air your feelings aloud,
I’ll try to reach across the void,
And make myself proud,
I want you to feel loved, my dear,
So I’ll listen to what you say,
There is so much I have to learn,
On this, our wedding day.

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