Freedom is Calling

Freedom is Calling
I’m entitled to some privacy,
And I have the right,
To keep some thoughts to myself,
And to hold on tight,
To all the beliefs I hold dear,
Don’t badger me and claim,
That truth is all you speak,
If politics is your path to fame,
Truth is what we both seek,
Just because you’re so loud,
Doesn’t mean we agree,
Don’t think I’m less proud,
If I’m willing to disagree,
If freedom means more to you,
Than giving me a choice,
Then walk away and never come back,
For I have my own voice,
A voice that may be ever so small,
Yet always powerful enough,
To echo in freedom’s hall,
If you see freedom as a clear cut choice,
You might see me as a welcome voice,
One that opposes and offers a thought,
On how freedom is won and not bought,
If I don’t agree with you,
Or the ideas for which you claim,
I still will defend to my death,
Your right to freedom’s aim.

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