Farewell to Trains

Farewell to Trains
Oft I have lain awake,
Stirred by a train’s mournful cry,
Inviting me to distant lands,
Where earth and towns meet sky,
It would not wait though,
As it hurried into the night,
Sometimes I rushed to wave farewell,
But it had disappeared from sight,
Perhaps I had imagined a massive ghost,
Where the train had staged its act,
But in the distance a ways beyond,
The morning sun revealed its track,
Inspired by the nightly compelling cry,
I decided to take a chance,
Enthusiastically one day I climbed on board,
A locomotive ready to dance,
It rumbled and shook its massive frame,
As if eager to be on its way,
Then it began to pick up speed,
Its power ready to display,
I fell in love with the land that day,
As I crossed the Great Divide,
I guess I had known only my small world,
Now my eyes were opened wide,
From observation car I sat in awe,
As history began to unfold,
I realized that pioneers were iron,
As they searched the hills for gold,
The women also were of sterner stuff,
As they passed test after test,
They did not have railroads then,
As they brought civilization west,
I learned much about geography,
By the time I reached the coast,
But I had learned the softness of self,
Of that I could not boast,
Trucks and planes have taken their toll,
Transporting across land and sky,
If my life is over before trains are done,
I’ll miss their mournful cry,
The locomotive may fade before long,
Although still needed by its host,
The iron horse has seen its day,
To it, I lift a toast.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Trains

  1. I’ve also taken train trips across country just for a change of scenery. The rhythmic shaking and the different noises of the train make it very unique. At night that lonely whistle takes my imagination with it.

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