I’ll Wish Upon a Star

I’ll Wish Upon a Star
I wish the brightest star,
Represented your fervent kiss,
I would count it many times,
Although it would be remiss,
To count it even once,
A nova flaring bright,
Is very much like my heart,
Reaching outward into the night,
Hoping to give love a chance to start,
But like a faraway nebula,
Silent and distant you wait,
Your heart frozen to the core,
Not letting your emotion participate,
One day I would search relentlessly,
If an astronomer I could be,
Looking for a cold asteroid,
That would touch your icy heart,
And flash untamed into the void.
I could disappear without a trace,
I’m sure you wouldn’t care,
You’re lost somewhere in space,
Or you’re simply unaware,
My heart has crashed and burned for you,
And still I’m waiting by,
How can I plan for a future life,
And let today pass me by?
There must be someone on another world,
Whose flames would twin with mine,
And all the stars would dance with me,
And all the more brightly shine.

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