Traveling in Old Mexico

Traveling by car in old Mexico,
I was fancy free but with places to go,
Forgetting the past I traveled along,
Observing the country real slow,
Across the parched desert to Obregon,
Past cactus and arid land,
I came to realize that Mexico,
Was a country varied and grand,
Mazatlan, on the western coast,
Was green, beautiful, and lush,
The world was more crowded there,
Caught in the tourist crush,
Toluca, an Indian town,
A jewel reaching the sky,
Serapes and blankets with patterns rare,
Pleasing to the eye,
Guadalajara became my favorite place,
The market charming and alive,
Friendly people were at every turn,
Swarming as from a hive,
Mexico City was somewhere to get lost,
A city all unto its own,
Rushing to stay ahead in the world,
Trying to regain its throne,
In every town cathedrals stood,
Beside the plaza square,
On Sunday morning bells in towers rang,
And called the humble there,
Evenings were for the young with hopes,
As they strolled around the square,
Macho men with hearts of love,
Looking for senoritas fair,
Mexican culture is rich and deep,
Far more than I could discern,
I came away with new respect,
For I had much to learn,
Although culture blends old to new,
It’s the people who grace the land,
And Mexico’s beauty is memory locked,
But it’s the people who make it grand.

One thought on “Traveling in Old Mexico

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