One Twisted Dream

With dreams woven in her hair,
She sat apart, untouched by me,
By day even while she worked,
I wondered what the difference could be,
She had many dreams tied with golden thread,
I was too logical to have dreams about my head,
“There is no reason to dream,” thought I,
But she was already one with the earth and sky,
Did the breeze cool her more than I?
As she sang, her voice blended with sounds,
The voices of creatures which were around,
If it was the dreams that gave spring to her step,
I thought I could seize one as she slept,
She would not know the difference if I called it my own,
Jealousy had captured me, and made my heart its throne,
During the day I planned my scheme,
I knew it was wrong, but still, “Just one dream,
She has so many, and I have none.”
I could feel her warmth as she sat close,
But I pulled away, for I was morose,
Her voice, fresh and joyous, was directed at me,
Still I rejected her, her dreams I could not see,
One day as she lay sleeping, oh so fair,
I stole one twisted dream from her hair,
“Just one,” I thought, “one with which she can part,”
She awoke with a shriek. “You have broken my heart!
That was the dream of you and me,
Now we will be forever apart.”
I tried to replace that dream, but it was too late,
When dreams of love are gone, there is only hate,
Her love for me was eternally dead,
And that thought filled me with dread,
The need for love was at my heart’s core,
Now I would be searching forevermore,
Because I was greedy my world shook,
One twisted dream was all it took.

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