I Was Clueless Then

Silently he watched the game,
His concentration focused,
Every weekend it was the same,
Behind him she waited patiently,
Wanting to be noticed,
Waiting for him to see,
But it did not happen as she thought,
He did not turn as he ought,
She walked in front of him,
Blocking the screen,
He was irritated,
Didn’t she know not to come between?
Then he noticed her tears,
And her face showing her fears,
He spoke softly, acknowledging her,
“I’m sorry,” he said, “What do you want to discuss?”
She paused, “It’s just that there’s little time for us,”
Her voice quavered. “Why can’t we just sit and hold hands?
I want to be with you. Don’t you understand?”
He wanted to connect, he tried to comprehend,
Sitting and talking? They did that last night,
They had laughed and talked until the sun’s first light,
He had wanted to hold her,
To caress her soft skin,
But she was pure of heart,
She wouldn’t give in,
She wanted him his deepest love to claim,
She didn’t want to be just a name,
Or a number bandied about,
Would he wait until she was ready?
In her mind there was doubt,
She wanted to be his closest friend,
One he wanted to the very end,
They had gone on several dates,
And he had tried to relate,
Chick flicks or nothing, she hated gore,
But girly movies? He couldn’t take it anymore,
Couldn’t he watch games like a man?
Couldn’t she try once to comprehend?
He couldn’t continue to cuddle all night,
His struggle within was more than a fight,
He was older and wiser,
He could badger her, of course,
But he wanted her to be willing,
To give in by choice,
He didn’t love her, yet he wanted to protect,
And he wanted to keep his self-respect,
He looked once more into her eyes,
He thought, “What a wonderful sight,”
And then he fled into the night,
He stayed away because he cared,
He left a note which said,
“I want you to be loved by someone true,
Someone who will love you, your whole life through.”
She waited patiently for three lonely years,
And at her wedding she said through tears,
“You were the one. My heart told me so,
I’ll love your forever. I just want you to know.”
He was older, but wiser, and ready to understand.
“I’m glad you waited. I’m one lucky man.
I was clueless then, but I’m glad you knew.
I will love you forever, your whole life through.”

22 thoughts on “I Was Clueless Then

    1. Thank you for your kind words. If I touched upon a truth then I’m happy. I’m also glad the characters wanted a happy ending.

  1. Wow, what a charming tale… I love the smooth rhyme scheme and the goodness in the story. I myself am a rather cynical poet (not intentionally, I just write to get it out of my system), so I’m always baffled when someone can write such warming poems that are so positive.

    Thanks for the pleasent and uplifting read, now let me depress you with my work…. 🙂

    here are my week 30 Rally entries




    1. Goodness when my muse feels well. When not, or when baggage from the past is dragged forth, then I have to tiptoe through the slime.

  2. I’ve done my share of depressing work and occasionally my muse still shows up in a foul mood. Therapeutic and cleanses my soul. Your poems are quite enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. I’m a romantic and I’m glad you like it. Poetry so often is a hit or miss. Your comment inspires me to try a few more love poems.

    1. Sometimes real life catches me by surprise, but I write it down before I forget. Thanks for your thoughts and sharing your feelings.

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