Love and Respect

My heart is crying out to you,
You’re my best friend, my lover too,
When did our love change?
When did our relationship become strange?
How can we learn to communicate again?
And talk for hours beneath the stars,
I want to love you, without any scars,
Don’t you know that I’m sincere?
What is it that you can’t hear?
You want my love to be unconditional,
Love without reasons, more than traditional,
Love that will exist during the hardest times,
A steadfast love, more than just sometimes,
I can do all of that, but in return,
Unconditional respect is what I yearn,
Not respect that I have to earn,
Tell me you’re proud of me, and respect me too,
That’s all I would ask of you,
Constant respect and love, day by day,
Being thoughtful and loving in all that we say,
Sometimes when we’re worlds apart,
Harsh words and actions will crush my heart,
If disrespect and contempt are what I hear,
I won’t believe you love me or you’re sincere,
I think love and respect go hand in hand,
Because you’re a woman and I’m a man,
We’re wired differently and that’s our fate,
But if we work real hard we can relate,
You’ll be in my heart till time runs out,
Together we’ll share respect and love throughout.

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