The Witch of Halloween

My blood boils at the thought of her,
To imagine her as she swirls,
She flits, she swoops, she spins about,
Wrecking havoc about the world,
I feel the excitement of this encounter,
When I see her glassy-eyed stare,
And hear her cackle a brief hello,
When she sees me standing there,
There seems little I can do,
To escape her potent curse,
Her evil eye fixates on me,
As she goes from good to bad to worse,
I know she is curious about everything,
And how I escaped from her lair,
But I ignore her prying questions,
Standing tall, as if I didn’t care,
She touches her crooked finger,
To the wart on her extended nose,
“She’s casting a spell,” I suddenly thought,
I jumped aside, nimble on my toes,
I, a mortal, had avoided the spell,
It settled on a flock of crows,
Angrily she flew into the crisp cold air,
As they fell to the ground comatose,
You may see the witch this Halloween,
As she flies across the silver moon,
Or you might hear an eerie voice,
Laughing crazily like a loon,
In any case, be aware, my friends,
If your heart begins to pound,
She’s still not happy that I got away,
She will get you if you’re around.

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