With Elliptical Eyes I Wait My Chance

I’ve dreamed I was a snake, once or twice,
My body was cold, my blood was ice.
In my dream I have a triangular head,
My thoughts are human and fill me with dread.
With elliptical eyes I watch for prey,
Waiting for someone to come my way.
My dark patterns will not fail,
You won’t see me lying beside the trail.
A tightly wound coil will be my base,
With an S shaped loop I’ll lift my face.
My demeanor will be sullen, my countenance fierce,
Like hypodermic needles my fangs will pierce.
So heed my warning when you come,
If you don’t want to taste my deadly venom.
A hemotoxin for blood, to color and swell,
Neurotoxins for brain, deadly as well.
With glittering yellow eyes I wait my chance,
Hoping, waiting, for one quick dance.
I’m ready for you, I must confess,
Patiently waiting for my success.

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