Swimming in the Pool of Love

Swimming In the Pool of Love
It is time for me to swim again,
And in my dreams,
Around the pool of love I walk,
I’m tired of all the small talk,
I want to enter with a big splash,
The diving board awaits,
So quick as a flash,
I take a few steps and spring,
High into the air,
A dream-like thing,
A perfect jackknife,
My fingers will touch my toes,
I haven’t done this before in my life,
But in my dream anything goes,
There are few ripples,
As the water welcomes me,
Deeper and deeper, feeling free,
I want to be totally immersed,
To the depth of somnambulism I sink,
I hold my breath,
So in love my heart stops, I think,
When in this fantasy,
The woman of my dreams I see,
A mermaid with arms wide,
Beckoning me,
She has seaweed in her hair,
But I don’t care,
She is the goddess of love,
I reach for her,
But suddenly I need air,
In my dreams reality often steps in,
Goosebumps rise upon my skin,
I surface and swim to the side,
Feeling sick inside,
In the love pool,
I’m a fool,
I continue to flail,
But constantly fail,
There is no way for love to gain,
Anything but pain,
But when I awake,
I am eager to make,
Another attempt,
For in my hand,
Is a seaweed strand,
I’m ready to change how I think,
And find the long lost link,
My unconscious is brought to the surface,
Where I can face,
Reality in a different way,
I’ll do things differently today,
I’ll not settle for something small,
I’ll get her attention if I can recall,
How to do a cannonball.

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