I Woke Up With a Smile But My World Ended

This Morning I Woke Up With a Smile

This morning I woke up with a smile,

“Hello, love,” I thought, “you’ve been gone awhile,”

A blue jay outside my window,

Hopped bravely in the cold and snow,

Just to scold me, “I told you so,”

But the reason for my happiness I already knew,

Was simply, without a doubt, because of you,

I remembered the details from last night,

We danced and twirled until the first light,

You were mesmerizing, a wonderful sight,

Laughing and talking, I said, “Now I have you,”

You looked at me as if I were insane,

You had nothing to lose; I had everything to gain,

As if you wondered what you should do,

I was so happy; I didn’t have a clue,

Shaking your head, you left me standing alone,

I went and dreamed big dreams; you went home.

I was still thrilled about last night,

My coffee brewed just right,

My newspaper arrived on time,

There were few reports on crime,

The world was in perfect order,

No skirmishes across any border,

“This is going to be beautiful,” I mused,

“Maybe even better than that!” I enthused,

The sun seemed so much brighter today,

Because last night I thought I heard you say,

“I’ll love you forever and a day,”

I’m sure I wore a silly grin,

There was no need to keep my joy in,

The world was at its best since created,

I continued to be elated,

Until I saw you, and I saw you frown,

You said, “I want someone with his feet on the ground,””

“You’re too happy, too much like a clown,”

Perhaps you noticed I didn’t quite comprehend,

What was this message you were trying to send?

“You are not what I want; you’re too nice,

I’m looking for someone with a lot more spice,”

Suddenly there was nothing I could hear,

The world screamed in my ear,

My heart stopped, I think,

My eyes could not focus, could not blink,

Where was my breath, my air?

Did you mean you did not care?

And then, then what?

I was in love, but you were not?

Was that a dream I had last night?

Or did my world end when you walked out of sight?

One thought on “I Woke Up With a Smile But My World Ended

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