There’s Plenty to Do

There’s Plenty to Do

Thinking about me and all I do,

Wondering how I can improve,

And do things more efficiently,

I need to reach deep inside,

Changing who I am,

 And who I want to be,

Would I be better if I dreamed less?

My knowledge has increased, I confess,

For I know there is more I can do,

Through my dreams the world grew,

And my understanding of logistics, too,

I’ve come to the conclusion that each day,

A new set of problems will come my way,

There is no reason to hide or stall,

Even if I don’t have resources to answer all,

So I will prioritize and do my best,

And hope that others do the rest,

I have changed, you will see,

I’ve discovered how much,

The world needs me,

Oh, yes, the world needs you, too,

And others with tender hearts,

There’s more than enough for just two,

Would you recommend we ignore the plight,

Of all the people within our sight?

And what about those we can’t see?

We can’t do it all, just you and me,

So when you want my reaction,

Wanting to know if I have changed,

I’ll say yes, I’m a man of action,

I’m not the way I used to be,

Watching and waiting, no tasks for me,

I see the wars, the hurt, the greed,

The starving nations and all the need,

There is plenty for me to do,

And yes, you can help and others too,

Willingly search what you have inside,

And dream big, dream world-wide,

You will change and widen your scope,

There is plenty to do to give people hope,

Rather than watching and waiting,

No tasks for you,

Your heart will bleed,

There’s plenty to do.

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