Words That Sting

Words That Sting

Bees are willing to give their lives,

For their duty is to protect the hive,

When someone has invaded their space,

They look for an unprotected place,

And they manage,

To cause the most damage,

 With their barbs they stab deep,

The stomach with poison keeps,

Pumping after the bee has died,

Leaving welts, swelling,

The hurts sometimes permanently dwelling,

Long after the stingers are gone.

Words are like that,

They try to reside,

Deep inside,

But often they take wing,

Flying fast and furiously,

Angrily inflicting stings,

Finding places in minds and hearts,

Seeking a vulnerable spot,

Or a cheap shot,

The barbs go deep,

And the poison keeps,

Burning and searing inside,

Where the words can’t hide,

Creating havoc and tears,

Leaving damage for years,

The head may forgive,

But the heart doesn’t forget,

Malicious words once spoken,

Words that cause relationships to be broken,

Venomous words that bully and sting,

And the day they took wing.

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