Strum on Your Old Guitar

Strum on Your Old Guitar

Play some sad songs, girl,

Strum on your old guitar,

I know you’ve got bigger dreams,

You’re destined to be a star,

I’m mystified how you did it,

Your fingers danced from the start,

The amazing thing was the song you sang,

Pulled the words straight from my heart,

I want to feel heat from open flames,

Hear songs throughout the night,

The music will drive my misery away,

And let my imagination take flight,

Music is good for the soul, girl,

So strum til my heart’s content,

The beat pushes the darkness away,

You must be heaven sent,

I love the way your fingers move,

They always stay on track,

Tomorrow there’s so much to do,

There will be no turning back,

So play your sad songs, girl,

Your dreams are all coming true,

Give my best to the world out there,

And I’ll be seeing you.

7 thoughts on “Strum on Your Old Guitar

    1. It’s good to understand sadness and depression but not a good place to live. I am filled with enthusiasm each day yet sometimes I need to clean my spirit.

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