The Beast Within

The Beast Within

As a bountiful year draws to an end,

You’ve become much more than a friend,

So I’ll speak to your heart while I may,

And scatter red roses along the way,

It’s time to harvest love that I’ve shown,

Collect on the sweet words that I’ve sown,

Love will reap rewards when given a chance,

And kisses given freely will yield abundance,

During the day you’ve tamed the beast,

But tonight I want a lover’s feast,

Beneath the stars we’ll together lie,

Breathing in unison, thigh to thigh,

And do as lovers do since time began,

Celebrate love as part of nature’s plan.

3 thoughts on “The Beast Within

    1. This post was for fun, but with a romantic side.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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