Fairest of All, Forever

Fairest of All Forever

When we were young,

You were the fairest of all,

My eyes never tired of you,

So many images easy to recall,

Your smile, your eyes of brown,

The proud way you held your head,

Your tan arms, your breasts so round,

The way you walked with swaying hips,

Your legs never seemed to touch the ground,

I touched your skin with anticipating fingertips,

Unrestrained hair that freely danced in the wind,

All this I remember well, and other things I cannot tell,

We are not so young now, but time has done you well,

You have more to love, and my arms still yearn to hold,

With glasses you are fair, through love still fairest of all,

Your confidence and sass, through stories I’ve been told,

Family and friends all say they admire your gall,

Your eyes of brown, you never lost that smile,

Holding you and kissing your moist, soft lips,

And I’m enchanted again for a long while,

Gravity has shifted everything down,

But my eyes never tire of you,

My senses you drown,

I can’t remember,

Any other time,

But now.

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