One Petal at a Time

Nature's Umbrella
Image by Swamibu via Flickr

One Petal at a Time

I focus on the positive,

It’s there wherever I look,

Whether a forest deep and dark,

Or in the pages of a book,

But often I forget to see,

Beauty just in front of me,

A child’s face with impish grin,

Or a hawk soaring high and free,

It’s time to breathe and relax,

Slowly soak the world all in,

I become one with the world,

Feel the power growing within,

And all the well-worn sayings,

Which are evident and true,

I’ll hear them come alive,

And a calm will ensue,

“Stop, and smell the roses,”

I’ve heard through and through,

“Don’t rush to see the future,

It will come to you,”

So whenever I’m stressed,

Or I’ve been wired all day,

I take time to meditate,

To rest, laugh, and play,

I don’t depend on others,

My peace resides within,

The beautiful world I so desire,

Waits there at my whim,

Nature bares her heart to me,

One petal at a time,

I feel her positive energy,

Replenishing that of mine.

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