Asking Nothing, Wanting Something

Asking Nothing, Wanting Something

She stood there in the dark,

Blood soaked,

Staring at me,

Blood dripping from her teeth,

Asking nothing,

Wanting something,

Waiting for me to move,

Relaxed pose,

Ready to spring,

Her lips curved in a smile,

Asking nothing,

Wanting something,

I remember her from a dream,

Flying high,

Diving low,

Sinking her talons into my flesh,

Now she waits,

Cold as ice,

As I watch it’s hard to breathe,

Asking nothing,

Wanting something,

Blood trickles down her chin,

Her tongue tastes,

And licks it clean,

I am frozen and cannot move,

My heart racing,

Her tongue keeps tasting,

Asking nothing,

Wanting something,

I suddenly understand and bare my throat,

Her eyes brighten,

Her talons tighten,

I submit to her warm embrace,

Blood draining,

Life waning,

I search her eyes one last time,

She’s asking everything,

Demanding my all,

And I find myself sinking into darkness,

Asking something,

Wanting nothing.

5 thoughts on “Asking Nothing, Wanting Something

    1. Now I have a suggestion and challenge for you. I really liked your poem, “Fenced” and think you should share it with others. On Mondays and Thursdays poets submit a poem for others to read. In return the poet is supposed to read 18 poems from other authors and make positive comments only. Jingle Poetry for Potluck Monday, and Potluck Thursday. I think you might enjoy seeing varying degrees of growth and the vast array of talent that shows. Yours is good and you would get a lot of positive feedback.

      May the sun be on your face and the wind at your back as the Lord blesses you throughout the day. Carpe diem!

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