A relationship I thought I could sustain,

Was abandoned, I had loved in vain,

Your heart shut me out with walls built,

Our dreams of a future together were spilt,

Some days I deemed my loss as good,

The sun still rose just like it should,

But when night’s windows closed,

My loneliness was exposed,

My heart remembers when you were here,

It haunts me and whispers in my ear,

“Forget her. She didn’t mean a thing,”

I know better, for you taught my heart to sing,

No one really knows what is inside of me,

If there were sympathetic ears I would see,

If someone really cared, my life could restart,

And you would finally let go of my heart.

One thought on “Finally

  1. Beautiful word of shear agony Dan…I’ve been there. On wife number three now but we’ve been together 5 years. I know this pain all too well…my first wife left me when I was 23 for a 41 year old bald headed man. It damn near killed me. I took about a year and a half to gather my wits. Then seven more before I tried it again…I was a poor judge of character in the second too but this time is what I had hoped for before.She inspires me to be more. I know it doesn’t seem like it but it does get better…If you let it. Take Care Man!

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