The Hug Library

The Hug Library

A hug is like a book,

Placed upon a shelf,

Waiting for a reader to come,

Someone like myself,

How lonely that hug must be,

With nothing but to yearn,

Unless a voracious reader appears,

Who really wants to learn,

My heart would eagerly grab,

Not one hug, but three or four,

Not wanting to leave one unclaimed,

Always wanting more,

A book deserves a second look,

As a ravenous reader knows,

And a hug deserves a second chance,

As my  appetite grows,

While a reader may have a system,

Of how to seek a book,

I guess I’m not so discriminate,

The first hug was all it took,

And should my thirst for knowledge,

Grow by leaps and bounds,

I’ll check out a hug, two, and more,

My learning will be profound,

Give me a hug to cherish,

I’ll treat it passionately,

I’ll return it in good condition,

We’ll keep it between you and me,

Think of hugs you could lend,

Until they are worn and threadbare,

You could dispense hugs forever,

Returning even better for the wear.

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