When I Was Young

When I Was Young

In my youth imagination was gold,

I was given all nature to behold,

Often alone with nothing to do,

The world on stage made its debut,

The squirrels laughed as they gave chase,

Around the trees at a dizzying pace,

Gold and silver were in my hand,

Continental armies were at my command,

The moon over the mountain top would peep,

While the worn-out sun went home to sleep,

Lightning bugs in summer lit my way,

 I danced barefoot as long as I could play,

Cicadas sang until they shed their skin,

By the creek a symphony would begin,

And frogs and crickets all chimed in,

Warriors and knights stood ready to defend,

The castles I made out of clay and mud,

I rushed to help if I smelled dragon’s blood,

The trees protected me with their leaves,

From pirates, monsters, and murderous thieves,

Oh, what summers I had, I wish I had more,

Because I was a king, though I was poor.

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