Yesterday Was the Day

Yesterday Was the Day

She stooped and picked up a shell,

She studied it closely, then threw it away,

I became her throwaway yesterday,

I thought I knew her so well,

As they circled above the seagulls cried,

For they knew how love ebbs and flows,

My heart was aching, that’s how it goes,

Yesterday was the day my love for her died,

She smiled at me as if nothing was wrong,

But she kept that secret out of reach,

And continued walking down the beach,

She knew she was leaving all along,

We had lunch at one, then she said goodbye,

She drove away, then turned and waved,

In my memory a lasting impression I saved,

She was going back to her other guy,

I walked bravely along the lonely shore,

As the fog rolled in to fill the space,

Tears of pain rolled down my face,

While I listened to the waves’ constant roar,

A group of laughing people passed me by,

They couldn’t tell how long I cried,

Yesterday was the day that my love died,

I smiled at them, my face frozen in a lie.

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